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MM&M Skill Sets Live traveled to Boston to tap into its culture of ingenuity and inventiveness to bring you, "Who's Hacking Healthcare?." By downloading the e-Book, we'll tell you precisely why healthcare has turned to hacking to propel the industry forward. Speakers and panelists, including representatives from MIT Hacking Medicine Institute, Merck, athenahealth, Luminary Labs and more, gathered to share their insight on the following topics:



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  • Hacking Pharma Business Models
  • Tapping into the Hacking Community
  • How DIY Has Changed Everything in Healthcare
  • How Not To Drink the Hackathon Kool-Aid
  • What the Future Pharma Hackathon Will Look Like

This e-Book provides a framework for getting a hackathon off the ground, including expert opinion on what benefits the model has in store for healthcare. Don't miss your chance to download now!

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