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The heavy saturation of mobile in the lives of consumers has made mobile a new staple of brand media budgets. Healthcare marketers, however, are lagging behind other industries in leveraging consumer attention on mobile. This is often tied to concerns about the ability to reach qualified audiences in a privacy friendly way, as well as commonly-held stereotypes about the age and habits of mobile users.


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Is is possible to connect marketing and media exposure data to transactional behavioral data in a HIPAA-compliant way? Do older adults use mobile phones? What are the most meaningful metrics of ROI in the digital space (the days of relying solely on click rates, impressions and website visits are long gone)? That's where new marketing tech comes in. In this e-book we explore:

  • Pharma's current reality in engaging with mobile users
  • Ideas on how to harness mobile's unique value proposition
  • Successful example of a pharma co-developed mobile program
  • The chasm in pharma's UX experience
  • With the acceleration of innovation: how can pharma devote resources to what's next in mobile?
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