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The heady mix of changes flipping healthcare on its head is also redrawing the coordinates on pharma's professional engagement map. Electronic health records are the essential communication channel among physicians. But a host of other point-of-care (PoC) media are vying to deliver journal, med-ed, and more in the right medium at the right time. Reps aren't being completely disintermediated, either, but research suggests changes to the mix of tools they use to educate clinicians.


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This e-book is devoted to helping engage with digital HCPs, including advice for navigating the professional media and PoC landscape, tips on tailoring direct and non-personal messages to physicians and other clinicians, and data on channel relevance. This guide draws on some of the most knowledgeable gurus in the medical marketing and media spaces to help you curate clinical experiences. We explore:

  • EHR strategy: Why every pharma brand needs one... right now!
  • The demise of the digital sales aid and how reps might bring back a little tablet magic
  • Missed opportunities—digital touchpoints that are begging for pharma's intervention
  • Millennial docs and patients: How to understand beliefs, expectations and behaviors
  • ROIs of 10:1 and beyond...Why aren't more brands using these channels?
  • Coordination and orchestration on the right way to contact a doctor 2,800 times a year
  • Disconnected health. Will providers eventually learn to love remote patient data
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