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There’s no doubt that mobile technology has revolutionized how consumers access information regarding healthcare options. Consumers have 24/7 access to information, which they can share with their doctors, friends, and family members.

How can pharmaceutical marketers tap into this burgeoning opportunity? By providing messaging when it matters most – at the point of care. Technology now exists that lets the healthcare marketer not only target the message to the exact doctor’s office they want to reach – but even when the patient leaves the doctor’s office.



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In this free e-Book, you’ll learn about how pharma companies are leveraging their customers’ craving for connectivity. This includes:

  • How to leverage a service patients actively want -- fast, free internet service at point of care
  • Why a non-intrusive mobile messaging platform is the most effective
  • How to deliver messages to patients/customers that are relevant and timely, using 1st party cookies, device IDs, and 3rd party audience data
  • How to extend engagement beyond point of care with messaging to customers at all points during the health journey

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