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But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Among the topics covered in this e-Book are:

  • How and why brands are shaking up their partner mix
  • What's prompting increased use of agencies and consultants
  • What pharma clients are looking for from their agencies
  • The impact of shrinking budgets on agency-client relations
  • How will agency-client relations change going forward

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The shift is on.

From digital channels and technologies, to the rise of the "always-on consumer" and large consultancies, the agency-client relationship is in a state of flux. In this latest e-Book, we draw on data from our perennial Healthcare Marketers Trend Report, delving into pharma companies' main considerations for choosing a consultancy or agency.

In the 2018 installment of its big Healthcare Marketers survey, we found that, among a host of top priorities, pharma clients value innovative ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit the most, not — as one would expect — creative risk-taking.

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