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One-way messages and simple reminders are becoming passé. In their place, evidence-based tactics such as generating empathy among HCPs or building problem-solving skills among patients – delivered through state-of-the-art technology such as gamification and augmented/virtual reality – are increasingly being used by healthcare marketers to foster long-term behavior change and support optimal outcomes. 

MM&M has set out to create a toolkit to assist healthcare marketers in making behavioral science a foundational aspect of their engagement. The result is this e-Book.



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Through branded pharma case studies and expert perspectives from biopharma and agency executives, the contents of this e-Book will highlight:

  • A program developed by the manufacturer of a prescription weight-loss medication that builds patients' confidence, supports adherence, and creates long-term habits
  • How immersive technology, such as VR and AR applications, was used by a prescription eye-care brand to drive physicians' empathy for the condition and change clinical behavior
  • The key role gamification is playing to help sufferers of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) by rewarding them for filling  – and refilling – their prescription
  • How a rare-disease drug manufacturer is empowering patients to develop problem-solving skills through a comprehensive, personalized, adherence-driving program
  • A Q&A with a sextet of industry leaders who offer tips for agencies in counseling their clients on incorporating behavioral insights and programs

There's no better time to consider incorporating behavior science into your marketing strategy. We hope this e-Book serves as a valuable resource to get you on your way and encourage you to access it today!



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