"Big Data For Big Decisions,"

an e-Book of insights and takeaways

from MM&M's latest half-day conference 


  • Programmatic ad tech and fraud
  • Hyper-targeted messaging
  • Predictive modeling
  • Leveraging EHR platforms in HCP marketing
  • Automated media buying
  • Substantially increasing your ability to identify website visitors
  • 10 programmatic advertising tips in 10 minutes
  • How data + analytics = unprecedented customer intelligence
  • And much more‚Äč!




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Fact: The pharma industry has an increasing ability to access a massive and widespread audience thanks to digital.

Fact: Healthcare marketers who are leveraging big data in all their decision-making are poised for success.

Fact: The speakers who presented at MM&M's "Big Data for Big Decisions" equipped the live audience with tremendous marketing tips and insights they can immediately use to bolster their marketing efforts.

Fact: If you couldn't make it on December 7, you need not fear. You can catch up on what you missed – or refresh your memory if you did attend – by downloading our e-Book report for all the key takeaways from an event at which industry leaders tackled these vital issues:

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