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Missed the webinar? Not to worry. We've gathered some of the takeaways in this new e-Book, highlighting key points of discussion, including:

  • How pharma brands are adapting adherence strategies, based on real-world evidence
  • Wearables as an emerging channel, delivering new data streams and opportunities to engage with patients
  • How agencies are evolving to "bionic teams of people" collaborating to solve complex challenges
  • How insights culled from data are providing new inroads into HCPs practices

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With the unprecedented amount of audience data now available, pharma marketers have tremendous opportunities to enhance their campaign strategies. From redefining segmentation approaches to integrating precise measures of success, companies have the power to reach, engage, and analyze audiences like never before.

MM&M's March 6th webinar, "The rules have changed: how big data is redefining precision marketing for the health industry," featured leading industry experts providing their unique perspectives on this trending topic. Sarah Caldwell, VP, analytics services at Crossix, was joined by Erin Sebal, director, global customer insights, Merck; Ziv Yaar, partner, McKinsey & Co.; and Destry Sulkes, M.D., chief data officer, WPP Health & Wellness.

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