The Rise of Co-Pay Accumulator Programs:

Are Your Brand's Patients At Risk?



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In this latest e-Book from MM&M, TrialCard thought leaders Rick Ford, senior director, market access solutions, and Matthew Turner, associate director of pharmacy affairs, provide insights and analysis of the impact of co-pay accumulator programs on specialty drug market access, and the patient’s financial ability to maintain treatment.

 Topics covered include:

  • How the co-pay accumulator approach upends the protocol followed by conventional health benefit programs
  • Why patients who require specialty drugs may be more at risk for non-adherence
  • Which brand types are at risk for being targeted by PBMs
  • Finding a solution for patients and drug manufacturers

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In a reported effort to reduce health plan spend for specialty drugs, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are heavily promoting “co-pay accumulator” programs to health plan sponsors.

 What are co-pay accumulator programs? Whose has the most to lose if these types of programs are enacted? Who has the most to gain?


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