Examining the Financial Implications

of Co-Pay Accumulator Plans



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Highlights of the presentation included:

  • The real cost of reimbursement spend for specialty drugs
  • Why a pharma company’s patient support program may be a desirable accumulator target for PBMs
  • Some of the latest options for reimbursement programs – such as per-claim caps, debit cards, and rebate checks – manufacturers are accessing to offset co-pay accumulator programs

 Couldn’t make it on December 13th? Read up on what you missed by downloading our report in this digestable e-Book format.

At the CBI Co-pay Accumulator Summit, Rick Fry, TrialCard’s VP of client services, led a manufacturer-only interactive session on ways co-pay accumulator adjustment programs are financially impacting patients and brands alike.

Throughout the highly informative session, Fry cited TrialCard’s own proprietary data and conducted live polling of audience members.

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