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With ongoing efforts to make medications more affordable for patients, the need for co-pay programs has never been greater. But its about so much more than price.

This crucial matter was addressed on April 11 by TrialCard's VP of analytic services Paul LeVine at the Formulary, Co-Pay, and Access Summit in San Francisco.

"Co-pay assistance programs and their associated ancillary services," he said, "must fit adherence and engagement interventions to patient needs, not just target costs."



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During LeVine's presentation, "Operationalizing the Engagement Channel – Tactical Best Practices for Access, Adherence, and Reach," he offered valuable counsel and perspectives, highlights of which are shared in this e-Book sponsored by TrialCard. On these pages, you will read about:

  • How co-pay assistance card and coupon programs can serve as powerful engagement vehicles
  • Addressing the "first-fill problem" and ensuring when patients activate a co-pay card, they actually get the prescription filled
  • The many ways a data-driven behavioral approach can both improve adherence and drive down costs
  • The importance of engaging physicians and pharmacies in the adherence equation
  • And much more

As LeVine noted in his session, "The opportunity to engage – not only your patients but prescribers and pharmacies as well – is tremendously valuable. We just have to start thinking about it differently." This e-Book is a great step in that direction. Be sure to access today! 



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