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The application of data science, and its subset artificial intelligence, is cropping up in numerous areas along the pharma and healthcare landscape. Some of the latest applications include helping to foster collaboration among agencies and networks, and aiming to improve patient outcomes through robots and digital medicines. Sophisticated analytics are also being applied by marketers to engage HCPs.

But the fact is, we are just hitting the tip of the iceberg of what can be accomplished. Making best use of the technology requires companies to make a series of organizational and cultural changes, requiring data to be placed front and center at the head of the decision-making process.




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No doubt you've seen some of this in the news. Wherever you are on the data science spectrum, we hope this e-Book serves as a resource and handy recap of some of the latest uses of data science and analytics, along with expert tips you can apply in your own businesses.

.Here's some of what you'll learn:

  • How Publicis Health expects Marcel, its AI-powered tool, to help foster collaboration and creativity throughout its network
  • How AI-empowered robots may help improve patient outcomes
  • Why digital medicine requires pharma companies to "leap into the unknown"
  • How the use of digital IDs promise help marketers engage with HCPs online
  • The industry's progress in adopting a data-science culture
  • And much more

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