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Sessions included:

  • The Future of Digital Health: Two Perspectives
    Emmanuel Fombu, MD, and Ritesh Patel, chief digital officer, Health & Wellness at Ogilvy revealed how listening more closely to what patients are saying allows healthcare leaders to "connect the dots" in determining how to best meet patients' needs.
  • Can Content Marketing Save Clinical Trials?
    Angela Radcliffe, PulsePoint's GM of clinical trial solutions moderated a female power panel made up of Grace Cordovano, Enlightening Results; Kelly McKee, Vertex; Liz Presson, Pursuit; and Liz Mascherino, Altavant Sciences that examined how content marketing in clinical trial messaging can help facilitate better engagement with patients.
  • The Future of Data in Healthcare: Two Perspectives 
    Cozi Namer, industry development lead, Healthcare at Google and Michael DePalma, founder of Hu-Manity.co, stressed that access to healthcare data comes with a responsibility to protect – especially in our increasingly digital world.
  • Taking Our Moonshot
    Steven Krein of StartUp Health shared how entrepreneurs can find "moonshot-minded" people to partner with for their health-based initiatives, and how surrounding yourself with "batteries included" people is tantamount to success.

PulsePoint’s first ever Digital Health Forum brought together top experts in healthcare, data, technology, and media to examine how the personalization of healthcare is radicalizing and reshaping the way marketers and technologists interact with patients.

Through the convergence of medicine, machine learning, and media, healthcare marketers now have the unique capability to reach the consumers they crave, an advantage PulsePoint CEO Sloan Gaon said is key for implementing a more patient-centric approach to marketing.

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