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  • The anatomy of an email marketing campaign, including domain, email name match, email validation, and ongoing quality
  • Counting the financial rewards of carefully vetted physician email lists
  • The process of invalidating and maintaining email addresses
  • Getting at the truth: the reality of deliverability rates and how to improve them
  • The tools needed to maximize email campaigns, including rep-triggered email programs and mobile devices
  • How to gain a better understanding of digital behavior
  • A look at the role of a seasoned partner
  • PLUS: interviews with some of today's top pharma marketing executives!

Email is still one of the most effective marketing tools for building relationships with target audiences. No one knows better than today's pharmaceutical companies, many of which are seeking out new and innovative ways to connect with healthcare professionals beyond face-to-face interactions.



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Before launching a campaign, marketers must ensure email record accuracy and functionality. Enter email authentification. This e-book explores the best practices and innovative tools needed to reap the greatest value possible from carefully crafted, highly personalized email marketing campaigns. Here's a sample of topics examined: 

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