Evolution of the Agency Universe

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Sessions included:

  • Washington’s Focus on Healthcare Marketing, presented by Jon Bigelow, executive director, Coalition for Healthcare Communication, who gave an overview of the current political landscape in DC, and issued a call to action to agency executives to get involved.
  • Mixin’ Up Some Good Chemistry, offered a lively look at why chemistry is key in the agency-client relationship, featuring Katie Beller and Andy Spitzer, creatives at Fingerpaint .
  • Nimble is the New Black, with observations from four industry powerhouses, including David Paragamian, managing director of Razorfish Health; Ken Begasse, founder and CEO of Concentric Health Experience; Mary Manna Anderson, group president, medical education at Haymarket Media; and Andrea Bartzen, founder of Impactiv BioConsult. “If there is one word anyone remembers from this panel, I would propose it’s reinvention,” said Paragamian.
  • The Importance of Brand Strategy Stewards, with insights from Calcium leads Lou Iovino, president, and Garth McCallum, managing partner and chief strategic officer. It’s critical to make sure all the new “shiny objects” align to advance the overall brand strategy, said McCallum. Echoing that sentiment, Iovino noted that “at the end of the day, clients are looking to us for how we can partner with them as agencies to be brand stewards.”

Whether or not you were able to attend the event on February 6th, this e-Book provides key takeaways in a digestible, handy format. Download today!

Healthcare marketing is in a continued state of flux, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

In this second MM&M Evolution of the Agency Universe event, held on February 6th in New York City, agency leads and creatives, pharma brand executives, and industry watchdogs came together to hear how the transformation in healthcare communication is impacting the biopharma landscape.

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