Hub Services Evolve as Industry Transforms



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Panelists also tackled patient engagement, technology’s role in evolving HUB services, and improving adherence. Additional recommendations and perspectives are highlighted in this e-Book, including:

  • Yshai Knobel, CEO and founder HelpAround, urged that hub providers and payers move the patient to mobile “as soon as possible”  to boost adherence and engagement
  • Alice Ganzar, senior consultant with Protean, discussed why manufacturers focused on increasing speed to therapy need to look at the holistic experience to see what can be automated
  • Kevin Kaboos, manager, reimbursement, HUB, and patient support strategist services in the biopharma industry, revealed why field reimbursement teams gain access to HCPs

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With healthcare in the thick of an evolutionary change, hub services are also transforming, moving beyond enrollment and intake to include services centered on access and affordability, adherence and engagement.

 To discuss the trends and advancements in hub services, TrialCard convened an exclusive panel on September 12 at the CBI HUB and SPP Model Optimization Conference in San Diego.

 “Looking at where the industry is moving, the goal is how we can get better embedded within the healthcare provider workflow,” said panel participant Scott Dulitz, TrialCard’s SVP of enterprise strategy and corporate development.

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