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Improving the patient experience. Nothing is more important for healthcare providers. And with technology and a cooperative spirit, your hub services approach can vastly improve and help reach that vital goal.

In this e-Book sponsored by TC Market Access Solutions – a division of TrialCard, three industry leaders offer invaluable counsel toward reaching that objective.



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MM&M sought the advice of Scott Dulitz, VP, market access, TC Market Access Solutions; Joe Baffone, president and CEO, Annexus Health/assistPoint Partners; and Gregory Morris, chief commercial officer, VirMedica, on the following:

  • DIT approach to service delivery? Or an open-flexibility technology infrastructure? Our experts discuss the pros and cons – as well as the best ways to execute – on both strategies
  • Tips on selecting the best partners for "new age" hubs
  • How human capital can enhance the value proposition of tech-infused hub offerings
  • Specific suggestions for improving the enrollment process, access and affordability support, and ongoing patient-engagement activities
  • A look at next-generation technologies that can enrich the experience for both patients and healthcare providers

This e-Book provides invaluable counsel from sector leaders that will help bolster hub services, which are crucial to the overall healthcare experience for all involved. We encourage you to access this e-Book today!



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