Gauging Pharma Campaign Lift: 

Why The Process Gets Derailed and How to Fix It



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Gauging Pharma Campaign Lift: Why the Process Gets Derailed and How to Fix It, featured speakers from Eli Lilly and Merck, who were-well versed in HCP and DTC marketing, respectively, and an interactive panel and breakout sessions, all highlighted in this takeaway e-Book. Discussions covered:

  • Knowing what to expect on the measurement “ride”
  • Setting realistic goals and monitoring progress
  • Why all engagements are not created equal
  • The importance of measuring early and measuring often
  • How to create a culture of optimization
  • Barriers on the road to measurement – and how to overcome them

 Our e-Book provides invaluable counsel from industry leaders that will help bolster campaign measurement efforts. We encourage you to access this e-Book today!


Pharma marketers understand the potential of data and analytics to build targeted, multichannel campaigns that deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time. But they still struggle with measurement and organizational alignment to realize this potential.

 MM&M, together with sponsor IQVIA, headed to Princeton February 1 to host a free event devoted to helping pharma marketers position their organization more effectively, so their campaigns work more effectively.

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