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When it comes to marketing to millennials, the pharma industry is not up to speed. According to recent data compiled by MM&M, marketing budgets aimed at millennials are at 9% and 12% for pharma manufacturers and healthcare agencies, respectively. That's a fairly modest amount, given that millennials represent the nation's largest generation, according to the most recent US Census Bureau data.

The reason for the disconnect? For many pharma brands, millennials present a marketing puzzle. Millennials are at once active on social platforms, but not always willing to connect; skeptical, but open to advertising; distrusting of authority, yet loyal to brands. They crave authenticity, but made media stars of the Kardashians. 





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Among the topics explored in this e-Book:

  • What healthcare brands can do now to ensure they stay relevant to millennials
  • The step insurers are taking to build relationships with Gen.-Yers
  • How the cohort is impacting the healthcare media spend
  • Successful marketing campaigns that targeted millennials

In this e-Book, we probe the millennial healthcare marketing landscape, detailing the challenges and the opportunity; we encourage you to access it today!

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