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No matter what the delivery method, relevant, fresh content is a must. ZS Associates reports that only 20% of the content pharma delivers matches what doctors want. Dive into this eBook to learn the four ways to make content more engaging for HCPs. Additional topics include:

  • How companies are leveraging data to engage A-list physicians
  • Why med-ed still hits the right notes with doctors
  • The reason why pharma is backing AR games for use in HCP engagement
  • The rise of COLs as pharma’s new influencers
  • And more!

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Welcome to “New Frontiers in Marketing to Clinicians,” a new e-Book from MM&M

How are pharma marketers re-tooling their strategies since the passage of the Physicians Payment Sunshine Act in 2010?

In this e-Book, we provide a comprehensive look at what’s trending –  and what’s just on the cusp –  in HCP engagement, exploring how pharma marketers are tapping into data, technology, and the expanding provider environment to ensure their messaging is reaching that most coveted cohort.

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