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The average consumer benefits from the Affordable Care Act's rules on prescription drugs and the availability of more low-cost generics, but specialty drug patients face the stark reality of higher costs and other obstacles.

A discussion on barriers to access, namely cost, tools PBMs use to hold the line, and to what extent the healthcare exchanges lower these hurdles



Practical approaches by industry to leveraging data and answering questions that can facilitate adherence




The state of patient access, surveying spend trends for both generic and specialty medicines and, from patients' perspective, the biggest resource gaps

Indeed, patient access to pharmaceuticals is a tale of two worlds - affordability has improved for the majority, while the minority is hampered by cost, distribution and red tape. To provide marketers with a well-rounded perspective, MM&M presents this e-book chock full of key insights, including:  


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The intelligent, inter-connected and innovative technologies promising to help patients with chronic conditions stay compliant



How patient co-pay programs can help provide access, and the truth about co-pay coupons and drug costs

Plus: Research from the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, the Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute, Manhattan Research, Accenture and many others

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