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In this e-Book, sponsored by TrialCard, industry expert Scott Dulitz, VP corporate strategy and business development at TrialCard, examines how a technology infrastructure results in positive changes in healthcare market dynamics. Topics include:

  • How web portals are evolving from a mere entry point for patients and providers to a dynamic tool of engagement
  • The value proposition self-service platforms deliver for providers and patients
  • How new partnerships – driven by nontraditional players – are bringing flexible, integrated solutions
  • How innovative offerings promote organization and function interoperability

The massive changes occurring in the healthcare system – new and disruptive market entrants, pricing pressures from all fronts, and an uncertain regulatory environment – require pharma brands to re-think their approach, as they look to engage with patients, providers, and payers.

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The seismic shifts within the healthcare ecosystem demand technology-based, personalized programs to help pharma deliver better patient outcomes, increase efficiency, and slash costs.

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