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Healthcare's ongoing transformation has left retail pharmacies with an open door to patient care. Drugstores across the country are primed to deliver in areas ripe for new solutions, including consumer convenience, price transparency and access to timely care.

Data on retail Rx serves as a backdrop to our overview of the evolutionary steps being taken by chains and independent drugstores to strengthen their role in care delivery


Notable examples of product launches at retail and Rx-to-OTC switches, plus tips on the best ways to place brand information in the pharmacy and reinforce those messages


A look at the ROI-tracking possible from branded point-of-care initiatives, plus a financial projection for marketing spent on in-store delivered communications


As the fundamentals of care change in the wake of reform, retail shops are not passively cheering from the sidelines. They're expanding services, becoming strategic players in patient education and compliance. Infused with data, trends and analysis, this e-book explains pharmacies' significance as a consumer marketing channel and changing role in the treatment paradigm:


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A rundown on interactive platforms and innovative partnerships, as pharma firms, PBMs and tech outfits take their relationship with pharmacies beyond the aisle



The future of in-store services, opportunities for pharmacies to capitalize on their involvement in patient compliance and monitoring, as well as the challenges 

Plus: Original commentary from communications executives, association representatives and consultants

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