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Point of care is the channel to watch in healthcare marketing, delivering consumer messaging at what seems to be an auspicious moment in the patient journey. After all, where are patients more in a "healthcare state of mind" than during their waiting room or doctor’s office sojourn?

Recent research found that patients are more willing to fill a prescription after seeing healthcare advertising in the doctor’s office, and are more likely to discuss an ad with a doctor. The other side of the coin is that POC is a channel with well-known weaknesses and that has seen potential setbacks.


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In this e-Book, MM&M explores the current POC terrain, as well as its future potential. We talk to some key players in the market, who candidly discuss POC’s challenges and opportunities, including its potential to help deliver better patient outcomes.

Among the topics covered are:

  • How point-of-care is transforming the doctor-patient micro moment
  • Obstacles to growth, including the need for transparency in metrics
  • The immense potential of POC, by the numbers
  • Why POC needs more accountability
  • Are there disease states that are inappropriate for POC messaging?

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