"Transforming Healthcare: Going Beyond The Pill,"

an e-Book of insights and takeaways from MM&M's annual conference 


True transformation in healthcare requires the sharing of ideas, data, and new technology among biopharma, payers, providers and patients.

Silos must be broken down. Greater connections and trust must be established among all the key stakeholders in the health ecosystem.

Our annual conference on May 1 exemplified that spirit of collaboration. It convened a plethora of innovative leaders – representing entities ranging from insurers to hospitals to pharma giants – to explore how the sector can go "beyond the pill."




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Throughout the day, the numerous healthcare marketers in attendance took away valuable lessons that will significantly bolster their initiatives. If you couldn't make it, though, fear not. You can catch up on what you missed – or refresh your memory if you did attend – by downloading our e-Book report for all the key takeaways from the event that tackled vital issues such as:

  • Designing for empathy in a tech-driven era
  • Executing a measurable, multichannel marketing campaign for physicians
  • How biopharma can effectively integrate AI
  • Making new devices an indispensable part of people's daily lives
  • Transforming the mountain of available data into instant, actionable analysis
  • Bringing the human and the digital together to deliver unprecedented results for patients
  • And much more

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