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From the opening speech by Biden Cancer Initiative, to Amazon's keynote at the close, this innovative agenda was designed to help attendees set their own innovation agendas.

That is to say, one that helps them to put perspective developments in science, technology, and medicine, like AI, voice activation, and the shift to value-based care.

The agenda included:

  • What's holding back innovation in cancer care?
  • Is the public ready for AI in medicine?
  • Can voice technology really reduce friction in consumer health?
  • Is technology driving better patient experiences in the healthcare system?
  • How are pharma brands partnering with the new economy companies to deliver better outcomes?

 Couldn’t make it on the live day? Read up on what you missed by reading our report in this digestible e-Book format.

Changes in healthcare are coming fast and furious.

Amidst the usual tenor of change, the fourth annual MM&M Transforming Healthcare Conference, on May 17, featured a riveting lineup of speakers who explained how biopharma marketers can up their game.

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