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#TrendTalks: How is the pharma industry marketing in 2018?


Participants first discussed major catalysts for top-line budgets, and then went deep into provider, patient, and payer marketing resource spend. Topics covered include:

  • Navigating shrinking access to HCPs, and the increasing competition for their time and attention
  • The digital approaches on the table to reach HCPs and patients, from multichannel to internet of things to VR and AR and addressable TV
  • Why getting buy-in from sales when implementing innovation is essential
  • The big drivers in the channel portfolio mix to reach patients
  • Why payer pressure is an ongoing challenge for marketers

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 With the release of our annual Healthcare Marketers Trend Report serving as our discussion focal point, we gathered together biopharma’s top commercial executives to discuss the data offered by the survey and to extract insights for use by other marketers.

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