#TrendTalks: Becoming Patient Centric



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Participants shared their observations on trends, and related their successes and challenges as their companies or clients evolved toward a more patient-centric model. Highlights include:

  • Leveraging data based on research, one leading pharma brand shifted its marketing strategy from one that was product-centric to one that considered more everyday life issues, such as the patient’s transportation needs
  • Why segmenting patients based on behavior is a game-changer when allocating resources
  • How brands are using Facebook communities to drive interest in their therapies and adherence
  • Why keeping patient’s adherent is a team sport, and how marketers are responding
  • The imperative to being value to the HCP-patient relationship

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In this latest e-Book from MM&M, we distill commentary from our November 8 #TrendTalks event, with discourse from top biopharma executives from the pharma, payer, and physician space. 

The intimate, invite-only format divides the conversation into three distinct segments, allowing, in this instance, deep dives in patient engagement, adherence, and education and promotion programs.

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