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There is a massive gap between expectations and reality for doctors around the world – and it's impacting their ability to do their job, as well as their enthusiasm for the profession. Such insights are crucial for any healthcare marketer seeking to effectively engage doctors.

And such insights are available thanks to the recently unveiled landmark global study by McCann Health, in partnership with McCann Truth Central. Surveying nearly 2,000 physicians in 16 global markets, this research reveals that doctors around the world report feeling a loss of power and list "frustration" as one of the top words describing their profession, with 66% having trouble sleeping, while 58% have marital problems.



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More than that, though, the Truth About Doctors study empowers healthcare marketers to play a key role in looking beyond the task of selling medicine and focusing on helping physicians succeed in a very different reality.

Among the topics explored in this e-Book:

  • Empowering doctors to reclaim mastery in patient care
  • Humanizing technology to help physicians become more effective in diagnosis and management
  • Gaining a better understanding of the relationships and dynamics between all stakeholders who make up the new health ecosystem

More than 4 in 5 doctors see "providing care" as their primary role in society, but most feel the prevailing commercial system strips them of their ability to optimally do so. This e-Book, and The Truth About Doctors study, provides healthcare marketers with an opportunity to empower a new breed of physicians for the future and a new blueprint for enhanced care.

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